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Overview Of Getting Various Car Maintenance Services In Singapore

Regular servicing is essential for keeping your car in good condition. Thus, you can reduce the breakdown and thereby the frequency of car repairs. Highly specialized car repair companies in Singapore can provide you various services, such as:

* Oil/Lube change
* Brakes
* Battery
* Tyre
* Windscreen wiper
* Air conditioning
* Shocks and suspension
* Wheel alignment and balancing
* Air conditioning

Dead batteries, flat tyres, fluid leak, worn-out wipers, broken drive belt, blown fuse, etc are the common problems faced by car owners. People in Singapore put lots of strain on their car engine because of huge traffic problems. Manual gear oil, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid and transmission fluid have greater role in keeping your vehicle at optimum capacity. So, they must be checked regularly.

* Tyre

Tyre is one of the most important parts of a car. However, it is the most neglected part as well. You should change tyres in every 50,000 km or every 2-3 years.

* Battery

All electrical components in your car are run by battery. The alternator recharges your car battery constantly when the car engine is running. Therefore, you should check your car battery on regular basis.

* Breaks

Brake has vital role in any vehicle. Brake pad, brake line/pipe, brake pump, brake disc, brake fluid, etc are the major components and all of them should be maintained regularly.

* Air Conditioning

Air condition requires regular maintenance to ensure the cooling efficiency. If it is not maintained regularly, it may lead to leakages. If the AC is not producing cold air efficiently, it should be checked to prevent leaks.

* Windscreen Wiper

Windscreen wiper blades can be damaged very easily and it will not last forever. Wiping efficiency will be affected due to the deterioration of rubber blade. So, it should be changed once in every 6-12 months.

* Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Tyre should be checked in every 6 months to ensure its alignment and re-balancing. All the four wheels of your car should be run in harmony, which is essential to reduce the uneven wear and tear. It can also provide you a smooth journey.

Besides these, car repair specialists in Singapore can also offer you some other specialized services and repairs such as:

* Clutches
* Cooling system/radiator
* Lighting
* Ignition system
* Steering
* Transmission
* Exhaust
* Other general repairs

Importance Of Aircon Repair In Singapore

Regular air con maintenance is essential to:

* Minimize frequency of water leakage
* Maintain efficiency of aircon
* Prolong the lifespan of aircon
* Save energy consumption
* Reduce the need for repair

If you clean the external surface of air conditioning and the water filter regularly, you can keep the system in good condition. Accumulation of dust can be prevented if the service is done fortnightly. Frequent aircon servicing can increase the usage of this device. Aircon should be serviced 3-4 times in a year on the basis of standard usage. Commercial aircon must be serviced in every month.

Aircon servicing helps to prolong the lifespan of the unit. The defects of the unit can be addressed through usual repairs. Thus, the unit runs smoothly without creating problems. It is also important to breathe clean and healthy air. Only high quality air circulates if you service the unit regularly. So, the indoors will be free from germs and bacteria. Your air conditioner will not function in a proper way when it is filled with dirt and fungus. It will lead to various other problems, which include water leakage. In such case, the unit needs to work extra hard. This problem can be avoided if you service the unit on time.

Aircon servicing is essential for improving the efficiency of the unit. Lots of people in Singapore are least bothered about servicing their aircon unit. This will lead to major breakdown. Lots of energy, time and money are needed for repairing or replacing the unit. Lots of highly professional aircon repairing companies are available in Singapore. You should seek their help to get the best service.

Importance Of Dents Repair In Singapore

Chips and dents in paintwork can decrease the value of your car significantly. But, a break in the paintwork can eventually lead to rust. Owners repair the surface damage to prevent corrosion. Dent repair is the process of removing minor dents and door dings without painting, filling, sending or drilling holes. The professionals repair the damaged area without repainting. It is helpful for maintaining the value and integrity of the original factory finish of the vehicle. Custom designed tools are used for doing dent repair works. These tools are helpful for accessing and massaging minor dings and dents. This is also helpful for saving your precious time and money. At the same time, you can also maintain the original paintwork of your vehicle.

Professional dents repair service companies in Singapore can provide you the service very fast and easy way. Dent repair is essential for increasing the value of your car. In order to remove wear and tear accumulated over the years, some companies provide leather repairing services as well. The price for dent repair service is not fixed. It depends on extend of damage and efficiency of employees.

To gain access of backside of a dent, the professionals insert specially designed tools behind the panel. These tools are used for applying pressure to certain areas in dent. It helps metal to regain its original position. Though this is a complicated process, efficient technicians can do it very easily.

Car Respray In Singapore

Car respray is the best option of keeping novelty of your car. People in Singapore give prime importance in the appearance of their vehicle. You can make a huge difference in the appearance of your car if you do a simple car respray service. Lots of companies in Singapore provide this service. However, all of them are not experienced and equipped to provide you the best service. Therefore, you should select a company very carefully.

Proper equipment such as high quality spray gun and filtered booth are essential for getting the excellent result. Depending on the requirement of paint and finish, nozzles of the gun varies. The professionals must have good knowledge in type of paints and the desired effects. Techniques of application are determined on the basis of this information. Without proper tools, experience and knowledge, car respray work cannot be done. Pre-spray preparation is an important step in respray process. Expertise and experience is required to do these tasks. Car respray can be very expensive. Lots of variables must be considered while computing the cost. The price is also depends on the quality of service. If you want to get the best service, you should approach only the professionals.
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Owning a car in Singapore is becoming a more and more expensive affair. Sky-high COE premiums and a limited car supply are a result of the Government’s concerted effort to rein in excessive car population growth. As car owners hang onto their existing cars, car servicing workshops are seeing more cars being sent in for maintenance. It is also mandatory to have cars inspected by Vicom, LTA’s authorised car inspection body. It is definitely a hassle should they find themselves caught in a situation where their cars break down and have to scramble for other transportation alternatives.

To this end, many car servicing workshops have emerged to meet this increasing demand. Car owners can make prior appointments with the designated workshops to have their cars serviced and collected on the same day. For quick servicing, their cars can be ready within a few hours.

The extent of the servicing depends on the mileage that the car has accumulated and its condition. This is typically done after every 10,000 km; or once a year, whichever comes first. Most car distributors provide the first maintenance service free of charge. Subsequently, the owners may elect to purchase servicing packages from independent car servicing workshops, which offer attractive rates to their customers.

The regular maintenance package generally includes the following procedures: Flushing of the engine and replenishing the engine oil and radiator water; replacing spark plugs and filters if needed; checking of suspension system and brake system for wear and tear, and changing the parts e.g. brake pads, if warranted; checking of air con and fan belts and changing the air con filters; topping up of fluids; aligning or rotating of tyres and steering wheel balancing. After completing the necessary checks, the car will be given a thorough cleaning of its exterior and interior.

For car owners, particularly those who require cars for their livelihood and cannot afford to go about without any, some workshops do provide them with rental cars for use while their own cars are being serviced. This will not only help them travel about with ease, but will also minimize any loss in potential earnings incurred during this downtime.

Car owners who are too busy to even send their cars to the workshops may seek mobile car grooming services provided by some workshops that are done at the owners’ premises. All the owners need to do is to make an appointment and the service teams will be at their doorsteps to carry out a variety of works. No hassle at all!

Many car workshops are fast becoming one-stop stations whereby customers can enjoy greater convenience under one roof. They carry a wide range of car accessories, such as body kits, audio, tyres and rims, upholstery, solar films, that can enhance the comfort and style of the cars’ interior or exterior. Customers can find car care products like cleaning supplies, waxes, lubricants and air fresheners in the store too. Car grooming and paint spraying services help to give cars a fresh new look. For higher end vehicles, workshops also offer high performance servicing and motorsports parts.

In addition, some workshops act as authorised agents for car insurance, accident reporting and claims. They undertake insurance-related repairs and work with the insurance companies to ensure a fast turnaround time. They pay special attention to the damaged cars, and are highly experienced in repair works through to the finishing touches. In-line with this, 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, vehicle recovery and towing services are often made available.

Thus, whether for newly purchased cars or second-hand cars, car servicing workshops are great solutions in support of Singaporeans’ dream of car ownership. Customers are guaranteed of quality products, excellent workmanship and service. A well-maintained car performs at its optimal condition, cuts fuel wastage and gives its passengers a smoother ride.

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