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Can you imagine it if there is no functioning air conditioner in your car? You will be experiencing much fatigue and sweating a lot from the humidity of being trapped in your own car. It is therefore essential to check and maintain your car’s air conditioner, just like how you will maintain your own car!

Like all other types of air conditioners, the air conditioners in cars are meant to deter heat from consuming the atmosphere inside the car and to release cool air to make one comfortable. It is hopeless to travel in a car without air conditioners. To curb away your worries, you should know and understand the parts and functions of the air conditioner in your car to be able to carry out maintenance and repair successfully.

Compressor – This unit is known as the main powerhouse (power unit) of the air conditioner.

Condenser – Condenses and radiates hot air into liquid while cooling the air in the process.

Dryer – Working together with the condenser, liquid stored in the air conditioner is changed and converted into cool air.

Expansion Valve – The valve transfers any pressure and strain from the system of the air conditioner to the evaporator.

Evaporator – Releases the cool air and depletes any pressure applied to the air conditioner.

Another reason to specify the significance of car air conditioner’s maintenance is to ensure the safety of the passengers and driver of the car. The engine of a car actually emits quite a tremendous amount of carbon monoxide into the earth’s atmosphere daily. Many do not know that the consumers of the car will be affected by the carbon monoxide if not for the air conditioners in their cars. Purifying and diluting the air into safe breathing air sure is a unique and important function. Imagine if the air conditioners in your car broke down. You will then be suffocating on an unhealthy gas, which is bad for your body’s organs and breathing system.

Not forgetting to consider the budget of the gas needed to operate your air conditioner’s engine. It is already expensive enough to keep your car sparkling new as ever. Some people feel that maintenance and repair costs will be a huge burden. However, do consider the fact that maintaining your car’s air conditioner will improve gas mileage, which is the amount of gas used for every trip you make with your car. Gas is definitely not cheap nowadays with the competition and economic crisis out there. Therefore, it is advisable to replace any spoilt or clogged air filters in your car’s air conditioner systems. It is always better to lighten your load with an air conditioner that is working properly than to keep you raging at failed engines of an air conditioner.

It will be a viable approach to usher maintenance and repair for your car’s air conditioner for every 30-40k mileage it makes, which is approximately a year. However, any signs of malfunctions in the air conditioner’s engines will require immediate attention. It is always beneficial for you to look for an accomplished and trustworthy workshop which is willing to provide a reasonable repair fee when you need help in maintaining your car’s air conditioner. The helpful and proficient technicians are the ones who will make good work of your air conditioner to ensure that you enjoy every ride you have in your car.

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