5 Proven Ways To Fix Small Car Dents

Every proud car owner wants to keep their car always looking spic and span. It does not matter whether the car is old or new, the appearance of a car reflects on the personality of the car owner. Some of the car owners go to great lengths to avoid any problems with the appearance of their car. However, since car is a mode of transportation, general wear and tear this bound to happen.

Also, small and big dents are going to appear on the car from time to time. There are quite a few ways in which a proud car owner can maintain the image of their car without spending too much money in the process.

For a major problem or dent in the car, it is always recommended to utilize the services of a professional but one can take care of small dents and do other repairs at home without spending too much money. In the article below, we are going to take a look at five of the most popular ways to fix small dents in your car.

Proven Way To Fix Small Car Dents

Plunger Method

The method is not going to win any awards in terms of innovation but it is one of the most effective methods that does not cost too much money and can be used by almost everyone. As the name of the method states, it involves the use of a standard toilet plunger that uses suction to remove small dents from car, if done in a proper manner.

For this particular method, any size of suction cup would work. However, if the cup is slightly bigger than the actual size of the dent, it is going to work much better. Since this particular method is dependent on unbroken seal between the plunger and the car surface, certain areas such as wheel wells and areas close to windows may prove to be troubling. Also, bigger sized and deeper dents cannot be removed by a simple plunger.

Dry Ice Method

Dry ice is nothing but carbon dioxide in a frozen form. It can reach a temperature of up to 110 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. The application of dry ice is very simple. You just need to take a small chunk of the dry ice and apply it to the dent.

You need to let it sit for a couple of minutes before removing it. Dry ice cools the surface of the metal in contact and when the hot air around the surface interacts with the cold metal, it results in popping out of the dent. Most of the times, it works on the first attempt. However, you may also need to make a few attempts.

It is important to handle the dry ice with gloves and you should also wear goggles.

Small Car Dents Problems

Direct Heat Method

This method works directly opposite to the dry ice method. In this method, you just need to subject the dent to direct heat for a period of approximately 30 seconds. Once it has been properly heated, just give it a direct blast from a compressed air can. Compressed air is colder than the air surrounding the heated metal.

In simple terms, it works by sudden blast of cold air on heated metal. The tension in the adjoining metal surface forces the dent to pop out. As with the dry ice method, it is recommended to take proper precautions with the direct heat method.

Use a Dent Puller

There are various types of dent repair kits available in the market. These kits have special tools for removing small dents from a car. In this method, you may use a hammer to pop out the dent from inside. It is extremely effective in case a very small dents though it may not work properly with bigger sized dents.

Use a Drill

You may also use a drill to make a small hole inside of the dent. It is important to use a drill from outside in. Once the hole has been made, you may use another tool to pull out the dent. In this case, you may also use a small hammer to flatten out any remaining uneven surfaces.

These are some of the most popular measures that are used by people to remove small dents from their car in a cheap manner. However, these usually work only for small dents and if there are bigger dents or deeper dents, it is always recommended to use the services of a professional to fix those dents.

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