5 Things You Should Do When Car Engine Is Overheat

If the engine of your car overheats then you must know how to control its temperature to keep things under your control otherwise if can harm you and your vehicle both. Though modern vehicles available in Singapore are so refined that the complaints of their engine overheat are not a common event but still one should be cautious about it as nothing can be impossible with the combustion cycle of an engine running under the hood of your vehicle. So for this reason you must vigilantly check the temperature gauge of your car while driving it. You should stop the car if the needle of its temperature gauge crosses the mid point between cold and hot to higher side as it can be harmful for your engine. You should take a quick action as soon as possible to avoid any damage to the engine of your car. Some tips are provided here under which you can do when the car engine overheats.

Car Engine Overheating

Stop the A/C of the car: Most of the old car engines get mildly overheated during hot days due excessive use of air conditioner. So if you feel that the engine of your vehicle is overheated then you should first of all stop its A/C as it will help your engine to have a sigh of relief. If you do not find any steam in the engine then to calm down the things you can turn on its heater at full swing so that it can throw out engine’s heat. Though, you will have to bear that heat but at this moment your comfort is lesser important than saving your engine. If it does not affect the engine positively then you should immediately park your vehicle at some safe place and stop driving. If you are unable to handle the problem yourself then you should immediately call the roadside mechanic to check your car engine.

Turn off your car if it steams:
If the engine of your car is steaming then you should immediately turn it off and stop the car safely on the roadside. Steaming engine alerts you about some bigger damage to your engine. You should think about what to do only after turning it off as in idle condition your engine has to work harder than its moving condition.

Open the hood of the car:
In the mean time roadside mechanic arrives you should fully open the hood of your overheated car so that its heat can be calmed down through environmental air. But while opening thee hood you should be careful as it can be hotter than usual. It can be potentially dangerous for you if the heat strikes you directly. You should wait for a while to let the car engine cool down before opening its hood. When you think it is safe to open the hood then you should proceed further.

5 Things You Should Do When Car Engine Is Overheat

Check the level of coolant:
A coolant reservoir exists nearby the radiator of your car engine. In case of overheat engine you should check the level of coolant in the reservoir. It may not be much hot as it is normally made of plastic. In case the level of coolant is normal then there may be chances that your temperature gauge is not working properly as overheating can not happen in such case. In such condition you can start your vehicle and proceed to your journey carefully. But if the level of coolant in reservoir is below normal or the reservoir is empty then you should immediately call a roadside mechanical help in Singapore as to get your leaking coolant reservoir repaired.

In case you can not give up driving:
In such condition you should wait till the car engine cools down. You should wrap your hand with some rug or glove and open the cap of the radiator. In case of overheat engine you may not be able to see coolant in the radiator and the reservoir. So you should fill up its radiator and reservoir both with the coolant or water, if coolant is not available immediately. It will bring down its temperature and you can continue your journey. But you will have to be careful about its rising temperature. You will have to repeat the cooling process until you reach your destination.

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