6 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Car Repair Workshop

If you notice that you car needs fixing, it’s advisable to take it to a car repair workshop immediately to have the problem corrected. But how do you find the best auto repair shop in Singapore? Before taking your vehicle to the nearest repair shop, there are several important factors you need to consider first. Doing some homework will help you avoid making the wrong choice of a mechanic. 

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Car Repair Workshop

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a car repair workshop 

1. Choosing an auto repair shop based on price alone
Car repair shops can use low prices as a bait to lure customers in, but end up providing very poor services. And high prices do not necessarily mean professional services. Never choose a shop on the basis of price alone. Some of the important things you need to keep in mind when shopping for price include; the length of the warranty for the services, whether they’re using quality parts & technicians or if they give you several options to choose from.

Apart from price, you need to consider a host of other factors including the customer service, reputation, experience, license and insurance.

2. Choosing a repair shop that doesn’t have your interests in view 
To get the best car servicing, you need to look for a shop that places priority on your best interests. In fact, the most crucial part of any repair process is exactly what the shop’s core philosophy is when it comes to servicing a customer. Are the staff or customer service representatives asking you questions about previous services performed or future plans for the car’s use? Are they willing to provide you with lots of information about what the whole repair process will consist of? Do they provide a free vehicle inspection & prioritizing for any services needed? Are you convinced that they have genuine interest in doing what you wish to happen?

Don’t forget your intuition as well. What is the first gut feeling regarding the initial contact? This way, you’ll be able to find a car repair shop that gives your individual needs the attention they deserve.

3. Not asking for written estimates
Before you agree to have any work performed, be sure to inquire about how the shop charges for its work. Certain car repair workshops may charge a flat rate, based on an estimate of the total time required to complete the repair process. Others may price on the basis of the time spent working on the repair. It is wise to get a second opinion, especially if you need complicated repairs.  

Be sure to ask if there will be a diagnostic fee if you choose to have the repair performed elsewhere. The majority of repair shops will charge for any diagnostic time. Shops that offer only diagnostic services but do not sell repairs may give you a valuable opinion about what repairs are necessary. Once you’ve decide to get the work started, remember to ask for a written (and not a verbal) estimate.

4. Picking a car repair workshop that does not service your car model
Not all auto repair shops are equal. Some deal with general car servicing while some specialize on certain car makes & models. To get the best service, it’s advisable to look for a technician who deals with your specific car’s make and model. Having someone who knows the theoretical as well as practical mechanisms of your car can actually make you feel comfortable and confident about their skills & troubleshooting techniques.  

5. Not visiting the shop beforehand 
Before dropping off your vehicle, be sure to scope out the appearance of the auto repair shop. The best car repair workshops are clean, well-organized facilities that reflect a keen attention to detail as well as an effort to maintain a good reputation and a professional image. Though appearance may not seem an important factor to consider, it is a true picture of exactly what goes on inside.

6. Choosing an auto repair shop located far away
It is extremely important to have a mechanic that’s near your place of work or residence. With vehicle emergencies that you can’t predict their occurrence, you do not want to drive long distances to get the car serviced. In fact, this can worsen the problem. Quick response times can come in handy when it comes to cars that need prompt attention.

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