7 Most Expensive Car Repair Service

Most of the car owners remain aware about the problems in their car and amount of money that they may need to invest for its repair or service work. Although most of the care repair service thing will not cost a lot of money and you can easily afford that without rupturing your budget. But in some cases, you may find it almost impossible to repair or service it in an affordable manner. Here, I am going to talk about the 7 most expensive car repair service that can rupture your budget in a very dearly manner.


Tire replacement: This might seem the easiest thing in car repair service, but it could be the most expensive as well. If you get any kind of bigger damage in your car tire such as bigger cuts, whole or other things in it, then you may need to replace it immediately. Apart from that, you may need to replace the same in every 5 years or 60000 miles. That may seem a long time on paper, but this time goes very fast and when time comes for the tire replacement, then you find really so much complication due to its high cost. Also, your insurance might not cover the damage or replacement of your car tire, so this car repair service could be even costlier for you.

Gearbox repair: In your car repair service, your gearbox repairing could also take a lot of money from your pocket. In fact, this could be the most expensive car repair service for you and you might end up paying thousands of dollars for its repairing. Of course, the cost of this repairing will vary depending on the car type and situation, but without any doubt, this is the most expensive repair service for your car. If you don’t want to have any bigger problem in your gearbox, then it is advised that you do regular servicing for same and you follow the things recommended by experts to avoid any trouble. 

Transmission: Transmission is not only one of the most important and crucial part of your car, but it is equally expensive as well. When you go for car repair service with a broken transmission, then you may need to invest so much money in it. It does not matter that you try to repair your transmission or you get it replaced with a new one, you will have to invest a huge amount of money for same without any doubt. However, you can prevent having any bigger problem in this part of your car just by doing care repair service on time.


Engine repairing: engine is the main functioning part of your car and if you get a chocked engine, then this car repair service could cost a lot of money to you. A blown or chocked engine could cost you a huge amount and you can certainly end up paying so much money for same. normally you would not get this issue in your car unless you miss the oil refilling in your engine. If you are changing the engine oil on regular manner, then you will not have to worry about the care repair issue and you will not get any damage in your car engine as well. 

Air conditioning repair: In Singapore, you can’t live inside your home unless you have a properly functioning air conditioner, so thinking about a life without Aircon in your car is not a practical thing. That is why if you get any problem in your car Aircon, you have to get it repaired immediately. But the worst part of this car repair service is that it needs a lot of money for repairing and you may not get better result unless you invest money in it. That is certainly an important car repair service, but it is equally costly as well. To avoid bigger issues in your car, you shall always do the regular maintenance of same and you should keep it charged with Freon or coolant.

Camshaft replacement: this part if your car is responsible for the proper intake of air into your engine. If you will follow regular car repair service schedule, and if it is done by an expert or trained person, then you will not have any kind of complication or issues in it. But if it is not getting cleaned in a proper manner, then deposition of grime or dirt on the valves will create so many problems for same. This car repair service is a labor intensive task along with replacement of some parts if needed. That is why it may cost a good amount of money to you in this care repair service and you should avoid having any problem in your car with regular service schedule by an expert. 


Car keys: Those days are long gone, when it was easy to get a new car key with the help of local locksmith. If you have a very old car with not security features attached to it, then you can certainly get a new car key with local locksmith in a small budget. However, this liberty is not there with modern advance cars and now a day’s you may need to order one and you will have to wait till you get it from the company. That is not only a lengthy and time consuming process, but you will also need to invest a good amount of money for same. You will have to pay the amount to company as they ask you to do and you can’t have many excuses or bargain as well. Also, it is not covered by most of the insurances. So, it is a wise idea that you don’t lose your car key in any condition to avoid this unwanted expense.

Along with these top 7 expensive car repair option, there could be many other things as well that can take a lot of money from your pocket for maintained or repair of your car. However, you can reduce most of those expenses just by taking good care of your car on regular manner. 

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