7 Things To Take Note When Choosing A Car Repair Workshop

You should start looking for a vehicle repair in Singapore facility before needing one. If not in a rush, you will be able to make better decisions over time. Asking peers, friends and associates for recommendations is always a good idea. Visit your state's chamber of commerce and the BBB.org site to find out more about a shop's reputation. Find out more about the resolution, nature and number of complaints.

Shopping online for any business review visiting the shop's Facebook fanpage is good as well. By reading a lot about a business in social media networks, you will get tons of useful data over time. A tidy facility will speak a lot about a car shop's service and the parking lot should have tons of vehicles getting service. And modern equipment should be found in their service bay. The shop's level of professionalism and image should meet your needs, or you should walk away as soon as you can. Location convenience shouldn't be the only criterion to judge a shop these days.



The shop's staff should have a high level of competence. They should have ASE certifications, advanced course certifications and trade school diplomas. A sense of community should be found in the business as well, so look for civic involvement plaques, service awards, BBB.org's membership, customer service awards, and so on. A courteous, helpful staff should be part of the organization too, and all professionally-run businesses have it. They should answer all of your questions thoroughly and quickly.

Look at the post office or waiting room to see labor rates, methods of payment, guarantees, fees for diagnostic and testing work, among other things. Call some of their past customers too. A tire rotation or oil change will be fine to try out their services. More complex tasks and repeat visits should be the rewards of outstanding service. ASE's Blue Seal is an excellent indication of high quality service too. To get this seal, a car repair shop must have 75% of their staff holding ASE's certifications.

Specialized Service

Finding a car repair service specialized in the brand of your car will give you peace of mind, as they have the latest equipment and training to fix your vehicle. Angel's List has information about car repair shops, and you should use this online service to find out more about any of these services quickly and easily. Cartalk.com can also provide you with its famous Mechanics Files, which will be a great source of useful data.

The shop should also offer you a solid guarantee. So ask them truly ahead of time about the guarantee so that you can avoid many headaches in the future. In addition to this, you should find out what your manufacturer's warranty is. This is important because you might need to use an authorized dealership to repair your vehicle. Find out whether the shop has a specialist to deal with engine or transmission repair, brakes and so on. Ask as many questions as you want and don't feel embarrassed about asking for clean, concise explanations.

Written Estimates

Before paying for these services, get a written estimate of labor and parts. The shop must ask you for permission before making any additional repair. Give them your phone number so that they can call you if they need further data. Moreover, you should know everything about new parts that have been installed on your car, and they should point out the places they put these parts in. Make sure your repair bill is itemized so that you can prove that any item is covered under the guarantee if something goes wrong.



Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool to achieve your goals. This is the way to go if you want to get the right service at a decent price. Since any business can advertise, your friends, peers and family members can give you the right data. The business you choose might not be the biggest or most famous, but it must have tons of satisfied clients. These family-owned businesses are raising stars that you can use to have your vehicle repaired quickly and professionally in no time.

The Right Data

You need to find out whether your car will be used to perform non-essential work. And you should avoid this because you will end up paying more for this. What can you do? You should know well in advance how many hours the task will need to be done properly, and they should tell you how much you will have to pay per hour. Avoid paying for services such as "removing a door" or something like that, because these services in a "gray area" will make the cost go higher, and your wallet will suffer a lot.

Several Estimates and Warranty

Ask for as many quotes as you can from different car repair shops, and you will have the upper hand. This is an awesome way to avoid overcharges. And then compare these estimates so that you can get the best service at the lowest price. You also need to know everything about the warranty, what it covers, how long it will be valid, and so on. Ask as many questions as you can about anything so that you can get a clear picture of the things you can expect from any shop in the future.

The warranty should be valid for a year as a minimum. Some shops offer a two-year warranty for any body work and even a 3-year warranty for any body paint job they perform. So make sure you know about these things before hiring these shops, and you will have the upper hand down the road. Since life-time warranties aren't realistic, you should ask for something better letting the shop know about it.

Car repair services offer many perks but you should know the right things to ask and how much money they will charge. In addition to this, you should be the only one picking up a car repair service not your insurance company or another institution, because you might have trouble in the long run.
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