When Do We Need An Auto Transmission Overhaul?

When your auto transmission engine starts to show signs of failure, then it is time to overhaul it. Overhauling an engine entails disassembling, cleaning and inspection among other necessary repairs. Of course, many would also think of completely replacing their engine if it’s too problematic. However, depending on the issue with your engine, sometimes an overhaul is just what is needed to get your car back on the road. Additionally, replacing the engine may prove to be a costly affair that will make you cross your budget over and over again.
What is an auto transmission overhaul?


An auto transmission overhaul is simply doing a few basic repairs after disassembling the unit to restore the engine to a good working condition. If you have been to the mechanic, you may have realized that it is mainly the lower half of the engine that is removed and cleaned so as to undergo a series of evaluation. Engine evaluation primarily seeks to find out the condition of the internal parts of engine. As such, piston rings and bearings may need to be replaced if they are worn out. Further, the interior surfaces of the cylinders are reconditioned and cleaned to ensure that the piston rings can maintain a tight seal with the cylinder walls.
What you need to know is that an auto transmission overhaul is a time-consuming process. In fact, your car may stay in the garage for a week in order to complete the overhaul process. You also need to be aware that it may be costly than the occasional repairs and servicing that you go over lunchtime to get fixed. However, as many Singaporeans who have done an overhaul can attest, sometimes this is what you need to get your engine functioning well.

Some signs directly indicate that the engine is failing. Do not ignore them. They help you determine whether it is time to get an auto transmission overhaul. Check out the list below:


This is one of the signs that your auto transmission has a problem. You will hear a knocking sound from the engine while you drive. Whereas a knocking sound indicates that there could be trouble in paradise, it does not necessarily imply that you rush to the mechanic to tear down your engine. Sometimes it is a simple mishap caused by using bad fuel. Before taking any action, take time to think of when the problem first appeared. If your car is barely a year from the factory, then it is too early to think of an overhaul.


Burning oil too quickly

As a part of routine maintenance, you are required to change your oil on a regular basis. Say a fixed interval of time. For instance, if you use a certain amount of oil in every 1000 kilometers, if the amount of oil consumed changes, then it means that your car is burning the oil too quickly. If this is the case, then it is time to visit your mechanic for an evaluation of the auto transmission.

Excessive smoke

The type of smoke that emanates from your exhaust tells you a lot about what is going on at the other end of the car. Every morning before driving to work, take a moment to start the car and stand behind as you observe the smoke that gushes out of the exhaust pipe. If you notice that the smoke is blue, it could be a sign that oil is burning. Be extra keen as at other times, the smoke may not be blue but in some way, unusual. Look out for these signs as they always show that there is an auto transmission mishap.

Oil sludge

The existence of oil sludge on the cup when you are replacing oil could point to a serious engine problem. Oil sludge is no just terrible but also a serious sign that you need to have your auto transmission checked. If you notice coolant sludge while cleaning, then you might be forced to undertake an auto transmission overhaul sooner than you think.

Transmission Overhaul

Too much fuel consumption

When your car consumes too much fuel, it points out to a problem of the engine. The engine is designed to be as efficient as possible. That is, it consumes little fuel to produce as much torque as possible to the wheels. However, after prolonged use, the engine starts to slow down and inefficiencies begin to show. To ascertain whether this problem exists or not, maintain good records of fueling. Compare the fuel gauge to the mileage and you might just find out that your fuel consumption is irregular. Once again, if this is the case, you might want to start thinking of having the auto transmission overhauled.

Compression loss

A misfiring car points out to a compression loss. This is a serious auto transmission problem as it can only be fixed through an overhaul. Misfiring is not only annoying to car owners but also leads to bad engine health in the long run. When starting your car, look out for any signs of misfiring so that you can have it fixed at the early stages.

Oil leaks

It is a common occurrence to notice a trail of dark oil on the road after a car driving away. This is a vital sign that you need to look out for. Oil is that component without which your car cannot function. As such, you should ensure that you check on your oil as part of regular maintenance. If you let the oil levels drop below a certain threshold, then you are at risk of causing your engine irreparable damage. So, even if your auto transmission may not require an overhaul right now, you may be forced to do so sooner than you had anticipated.

As a parting shot, it is important for you to know and understand why your engine failed in the first place. If your engine failed due to a radiator that was clogged, or due to an oil leak, you must address the issue at hand first. Otherwise, you risk the new auto transmission overhaul failing too! More so, if your car maintenance is shady, then you must change your habits else the restored engine will fail as well. Just know that for every auto transmission failure, there is always a correctable reason. Maintenance is key. A system that is maintained and kept in good condition will function for the lifetime of the car without the need for a rebuild.
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