Car Dents - What You Need To Know

When people in Singapore invest in cars they also find ways to keep the car looking great. But there are times when your car will have a dent or gouge which is too small to give it a full body repair. As the saying says, if there's a will there's a way, you can repair the dent if you want. This page will give you an idea on how to get your small car dents in a budget.


Blemishes can be often triggered either due to incident during an unfortunate car accident or when the outer lining area of the car gets unintentionally used by any resources or the large things taken by you. In any such situation, the elimination of the dents becomes definitely necessary.

Most of us take help of an absolutely experienced expert for eliminating the car dents. The procedure as well as the price of the elimination also relies on the level of the dent that has come up on the car. There are indeed various kinds of the car dent elimination packages that are readily available from the commercial perspective. These can be widely used to cure some of small sized dents, which otherwise may cost a lot more if eliminated with expertise. These packages come with the nasty plugs, hot adhesive weapons, suction power glasses and the steel working sort, among other resources. All the resources are not always required in most of the situations. For example, for some kinds of the dents, only suction power glasses are being widely used. They are to be placed in the middle of the dent and their posts are to be drawn. Other techniques consist of sticking a nasty adaptor to the middle of the dent, taking the aid of a hot adhesive gun. Dent removal is a work which can't be done properly by an amateur and thus an expert should be hired for the work to be done.

. Number one thing that you need to do is to remove the old paint. The body filler will not properly adhere to the metal if there is paint on it. You can use any type of sandpaper, but the best one for the job is a 150 grit. The smoothness is not yet an issue here but aim to remove the paint first. This is to make sure that the body filler will stick well to the body. Make sure that you remove the paint in the surrounding area of the dent.

. Next, fill the dent with body filler. Make sure that you put in the body filler within ten minutes. Since you will be sanding it afterwards you just need to put it in without being concerned about the levelness. It is important that you sand it well though. Keep in mind that you need to sand it properly so that it is smooth.


. For easier application you can do spray painting. Remember though that you need to have the colors matching. There will be instances when you may not have the exact shade but then just get the shade nearest the original color. You need to spray quickly so that the paint is not too thick.

. Carbon dioxide, in strong type is known as dry ice (also known as cardice). This can be used on the damaged section, where the steel gets shortened on holding it, and gradually flattens out, all in one go. This should be done dressed in the safety gloves. However, it should be very well mentioned that these techniques are appropriate only for the minimal dents. For significant ones, it is better to search for some expert help.

When an auto dent happens on the external of a car or any other automobile, it is best to fix it instantly to prevent further destruction and to sustain the quality look and value of the automobile. Paint less car dent removal is a sure way for such maintenance. The specialist must get accessibility of the rear of the dent. Sometimes the rear of the dent is clearly available, but sometimes internal sections and/or heat insulating material needs to be eliminated to be able to get the right accessibility. The specialist uses the unique resources which look like plastic-tipped blows. Using these resources, the specialist drives strongly but gradually on the middle of the dent, which will level out the outer lining area such that it combines with the nearby surface area.

. A dent can not only bring down an car's looks and value. It will also reduce its owner's spirits. A dent on top of reducing one's car into damaged goods status also causes stress when it comes to having it repaired to perfection so that it doesn't cause further issues or affect the overall look. Because of this , car dent repairs need to be done the easiest way possible.

Car Dents

. Because an car dent repair in Singapore might be costly and might handicap your mobility while the car lies in the repair shop, most car owners tend to look at easy fixes. However this is not always recommended as a dent or a badly repaired dent can decrease an carmobile's value. Nevertheless it is usually better to know how a dent should and can be repaired.

.To begin with in an car dent repair make sure the damaged area is thoroughly washed. Then with a flat file identify the exact spot of the dent and its severity. You should now drill a hole towards the centre of the dent so that you can insert a tool capable of pulling the dent out. The use of suction cups might also help when it comes to car dent repairs. Next, be sure you pull the dent with the tool you've decided to use until it appears uniform from the outside. At this point you can repeatedly use a file to gauge where the surface is still uneven.

. It's also possible to beat on the rear of the dent using a metalworking hammer. But be careful with the pressure of your hammering as it might disfigure the surface or cause lumps to form on the metal surface. When you feel the dent is sufficiently repaired and the body looks smooth, you can then move onto next steps of an car dent repair, which are all about giving the carmobile a clean and smooth finish.

You should use body filler to fill the hole and even out any rough areas or imperfection on the surface of the car both inside and out. Once this done, sand the area so that it's smooth enough for the paint job that must follow. A major section of an car dent repair is the application of paint. You could apply two to three light coats of touch up paint and this should be done in a way that any color difference is not seen.

An car dent repair in Singapore as explained above sounds simple but may prove to be complicated particularly if you don't have a proven method. For this reason you have to always take the car to a repair shop and let professionals handle it with no further complications or added hassle
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