How To Handle Engine Overheat Situation?

There are many things that may happen to your car and you have to know how to handle these issues as they arise. An overheating vehicle is one of such arising issues. Vehicles can overheat anytime, but it happens more frequently when the air conditioner of the vehicle has gone full blast. All vehicles have a gauge that indicate the temperatures on the dashboard and shows when the vehicle is getting excessively hot. Drivers must have a routine of checking the gauge to know the temperature of the engine especially while driving for a long distance.


Causes of Car Engine Overheating

Car Over heating is common when you ride for long without allowing your vehicle to have a break. Although overheating is not a big problem proper care and maintenance is of great importance to your car. If you see smokes accumulating on the dashboard when you are not traveling, there may be a possible reason for overheating.

These are some of the problems encounter by drivers due to overheating
- Problems in the radiator:

The thin metal attached on the outside surface helps in the cooling of the surface of the engine. The metallic fin should be kept clean and clog free. Possibilities of the engine overheating can be experienced if the fin is clogged with particles of dirt, dust and other blocking objects like sticks and mud.

- Damaged water pumps:

Water pump helps on the cooling of the car engine and is also useful in the internal cooling. If the pump is in bad conditions and cannot let water out, then this will repeatedly cause overheating on the engine of the vehicle. The repairs of the vehicle can make the engine raise its temperatures.

- Regulator problems:

If the regulator of your car is stuck this will straight away make the engine of the vehicle overheat. Problems in the regulator could not let the coolant to go through the car engine and this makes the car to overheat. You should ensure the upper radiator gets warm when you start the car engine. There are great chances of the regulator having problems if you cannot feel the heat above the hose.

- Inadequate Antifreeze Circulation:

Antifreeze helps to prevent heat in the engine from getting too hot. When the antifreeze cannot circulate the coolant in the engine it can overheat. It prevents the engine from freezing and will make the engine fail.

Engine Overheat

How to Handle Car Engine Overheating Situation

The car engine could be damaged if the engine overheats and the fault may make the vehicle have challenges while controlling it. The driver should have knowledge on what to do when this situation arises. Dealing with this problem makes it easy and effective for the driver to drive with less interruption.

Steps to Take

When you do not look at the temperature gauge more frequently, you may notice the car overheating until you see smoke. You try to think what to do then, after looking at the gauge and cannot figure out what is happening. Probably the vehicle engine has overheated without your knowledge.

- Turn off your air conditioner:

if you notice the vehicle is overheating, instantly you have to turn off your air conditioner and make sure you open all the windows. This will allow the car to cool down and reduce the load on the car engine.

- Switch on the heater and blower:

the heater and the blower will change the engines heat to the place where passengers seat in the vehicle. This is if the car engine still overheats after turning off the air conditioner.

- Shift into “neutral” or park and rev the engine slightly:

This makes the fun and the water pump to increase the speed as they pull the coolant and the air through the radiator. The air raised and the coolant flow allows the car engine to cool.

Engine Overheat Situation

- Travel at a slow phase:

move at a lower speed more so in the inactive states. Going ahead then braking often especially in go traffic and in stop will not be of great help. Move ahead if there is enough space between vehicles if you are in crowded traffic.

- Drive to the right-hand side of the road:

if you sense the car is about to boil then drive your car to the right side of the road, open the hood, and let the car cool down. Remember you should not open the radiator in this case if the car engine has already boiled. Also not water should be added till the car completely cools down. You may need to put in some water while the engine is not completely cool, make sure you put slowly as the car is parked. Engine overheat can be controlled if you keep checking the temperature gauge. Many other factors can cause the engine overheat, in case your car overheats in tight traffic this may be one of the reason.

1. May be there is a leak in the cooling system
2. The radiator has low levels of water or the coolant
3. Your thermostat may be the problem if you do not find any leak.

It is evidently not easy to change the thermostat while on the roadside. One should park the car and then get the thermostat safe and if possible change it when the engine fully cools. Try starting the car without the thermostat if it gets started and moves well then the other thermostat is the problem for the vehicle to function. Buy a new thermostat once you know the old thermostat is not working well. Have in mind one must not drive for a long distant without a thermostat as this may cause engine overheat.

Car engine overheating can come about due to worn out parts that may include fitting and hoses. It is important to replace them if they are not in good conditions. You should remember to follow the above important facts in case your vehicle engine overheats. Basic car servicing is of great help to ensure your car can handle heat all the times. It is cost effective than managing car blows as this can cause engine failure.
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