Is It Essential To Change My Car Engine Oil?

Your motor vehicle engine needs oils, which is the major lubricant and basically, a car wouldn’t move, without the engine oil. So it does have oil, as a lubricant, but is it essential to change the oil? If yes, how often should you change it and will your car be affected if you don’t change the oil?
Basically, it is vital to change your engine oil, which is linked with a number of benefits. It generally helps to keep your car active.

Engine Oil

• When to change the oil

There are a several reasons that might push you to change the oil of your engine, here is a look at some of the situations that might help you know when to change the oil;

• Follow the manual

Mostly, the information of your oil change is in the maintenance section of your vehicle’s manual. In case you have used your user manual, you can follow up a manual on a reputable automaker online. Some auto dealers also have manuals that guide people on how they should change their oil. In most cases, the manual will point out the oil change guide, based on two conditions, special or severe ad normal. These will explain to you if your oil condition is at risk and needed to be changed soon enough, or if it can take a longer time. All in all, the manual can greatly help you to know when to change the oil.

• Follow the oil life monitor

Most of the recent vehicles have been made with a special monitor that displays the oil life. This will indicate how complex the oil condition is in the vehicle. The monitors will be installed on the basis of the mileage, and any critical condition. In case the oil needs to be changed soon enough, the monitor will indicate with a light or some customized text. The more advanced monitors have a better customization and they help to make the entire process easier. All you will need to know is understand how the monitor operates and what it means when it is alerting you.

• Estimate the time

At times, you will not need to follow the manual or the monitor. Even if the monitor doesn’t alert you on whether to change the car oil or not, you should use the time frame to change it. If you use your car once in a while, throughout the week, or if it runs on low miles, then you will change the oil less often. However, if you use the car day in and day out, then you will need to be super attentive to change the oil. Most of the recent cars, like the 2010 models and above, will require you to change the oil after 10,000 miles, or after one year. For that, even if you haven’t driven your car for more than 10,000 miles and it is past one year, you will need to change the oil. Also, if you drive your car for over 10,000 miles, within a year, you will still need to change the engine oil.

• Rely on an oil analyst

Understanding the entire oil change can be very challenging and it will need a professional to interpret the whole thing. You can find an analyst to explain to you what the severe and normal engine conditions mean. The analysis of the oil will help you know how the engine performs and if the condition is critical enough to be changed. Therefore, an expert can help you know when to change your oil.

Engine Oil

• Why should you change your engine oil

Some people call the engine oil the blood of the vehicle. Technically, it is what gives life to the car, because it is the main lubricant. It applies to the life of a person, if the blood is contaminated, the person will end up dying. In the same way, if the oil works for a long time, it will end up being contaminated and it will not perform as expected. For that, here is a look at some of the reasons for changing your engine oil;

• It reduces the friction

When the oil works for long without being changed, it becomes weaker and for that, there will be more friction between some parts of the car. This can make the car to fail at some point and the car parts will wear out slowly.

• Assist in combustion

The engine oil will also help greatly in sealing off the gases, since the gas will not escape. When the oil is used for a longer time, the gases will easily get through and be released. On the other hand, fresh oil will trap the gases from escaping and it will greatly assist in the combustion.

• It extends the overall life of the vehicle

How you use your vehicle will determine how often you will need to maintain it. When the engine oil is changed frequently enough and at the right time, it can help to preserve the life of the vehicle. Also, it will help to keep the vehicle parts working for long enough, without having any issues.

• Prevents corrosion and rust

When the oil works for a while, it tends to start corroding with the engine and it is not changed, it can cause the oil tank and other parts to start rusting. That is why it is highly recommended to always change your engine oil. This will ensure that the engine is always fresh and that there is no corrosion and rust in the oil tank and the engine itself.

• It removes the dirt

Usually, dirt and other component will accumulate in the oil, which is normal, but when you often check up the engine and replace the oil, you will help to make the cars active at all times.

Dirty oil tends to be thick and it is always contaminated, which can make it unreliable when you need your car to perform with elegance. So basically, it is essential to change your engine oil and you should do it as often as it is required. Whether you use your car daily or not, you must and you should always change the engine oil. You can contact a professional, for the sake of getting more info on how to go about it.
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