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The risk of road accidents increases in Singapore every year with the continuous increase in the number of vehicles on its roads. This increase in the on-road activities has also increased the necessity of checking the condition of the vehicles plying on them. For this reason regular annual safety pre-inspections have been mandatory by the LTA or Land Transport Authority of Singapore, at least for the 3 years old vehicles, for the safety and security f the drivers as well as riders in these vehicle. The road safety can be ensured for all by the regular inspection of the vehicles.


You can find various workshops in Singapore which offer such inspection services. We also do pre-inspection of all types of vehicles as per the norms of LTA in Singapore. You should choose us for the inspection of road worthiness of your vehicle as we have technicians certified by the vehicle factories to reduce the need of its re-inspection very frequently. We not only do pre-inspection of your vehicle as per LTA norms but also amend the faults, if any, to let it pass the inspection criteria. Brief information about the stepwise pre-inspection packages of petrol and diesel vehicles is provided here under for your consideration.

Pre-inspection package for petrol vehicles

Step 1: A visual inspection is carried out by our factory certified inspector above the carriage which includes checking of:

The identity of the vehicle including its number plate and the numbers on its chassis and engine
The lighting equipment including stop lamps, headlamps, direction indicators, rear and front fog lamps etc.
The body of the vehicle
Accessories and modifications of the vehicle
Tyres and wheels of the vehicle
Other items like horn, seat belts, safety devices and wind screen etc.

Step 2:

Then our inspector checks the alignment of front wheels by driving the vehicle on side-slip tester and measuring their lateral movement. He also checks the efficiency of the brakes of the vehicle by testing their drag force and performance with a brake tester. The results provided by our inspector are registered and displayed automatically on the overhead indicator board along with instructions.

Step 3:

At this stage our inspector properly tests the focus and alignment of the headlights of your vehicle. Vertical and horizontal aim and luminous intensity of each headlight is measured at high beam by using headlamp aimer. He also examines the exhaust emission of the petrol driven vehicles by inserting a probe into its exhaust pipe to take a sample of gas for examination. The level of sound is also tested by our inspector by revving the engine and measuring the noise emitted by its engine. The results of these tests with instructions are also registered and displayed automatically on the overhead board.


Step 4:

Now our inspector checks the condition of other parts of your vehicle visually by driving on an inspection pit. He focuses mainly on the exhaust system, chassis, brake system, steering column and leakages etc. The results of this checking are also displayed automatically with instructions on the overhead board.

Pre-inspection package for diesel driving vehicles

Step 1:Our factory certified inspector visually inspects your diesel driven vehicle above the carriage by checking its:

Identity including number plate and the numbers of its engine and chassis
Lighting systems like front and rear lamps, headlamps, direction indicators and stop lamps etc.
Modifications and accessories of the vehicle along with its bodywork
Tyres and wheels
Road wheel and tyres along with general items including windscreen, seat belts, safety devices and horn etc.
Level of exhaust emission and smoke test by collecting a sample of smoke from its exhaust pipe. This test is especially done for diesel vehicles only by simulating its on-road inertia and load through a chassis dynamometer.
Wheel power of the vehicle is also measured

Step 2

Our inspector performs alignment test for measuring the alignment of its front wheels. The vehicle is driven on the side-slip tester to measure its lateral movement for this test. Brake test is also performed to determine their efficiency and drag force through brake tester. The results of these tests are automatically registered on the overhead indicator board with instructions.

Step 3

At this stage our inspector tests the focus and alignment of the headlights and measures the luminous intensity and the vertical and horizontal aim of each headlamp at high beam by using headlamp aimer. Sound level of your vehicle is also tested accurately by revving its engine and measuring the noise emitted by it. All the results of these tests with instructions are also displayed automatically on the overhead board.

Inspection Workshop

Step 4

Your vehicle is inspected under the carriage by our certified inspector to evaluate the condition of its various components and parts including chassis, suspension system, exhaust system, brake system, leakage and steering column by driving it over an inspection pit

We also offer certain value-added services to our clients who want hassle free services or have no time for its LTA inspection and trust on us for this purpose. After completing the pre-inspection at our workshop we send your vehicle to LTA for final inspection and back to you against very small cost. You only have to inform at our workshop to pick up your vehicle for such inspections. After this pre-inspection you need not worry about its failure in the LTA inspection as every defect, if detected, can be modified before time. The rates of our services include prevailing GST but you will have to pay for all the replacement parts additionally.

Benefits of the LTA pre-inspection from us

We provide hassle free all types of pre-inspection services under one roof
The road worthiness inspection of your vehicle ensures its good condition which provides you peace of mind.
If the schedule service of your vehicle is due then pre-inspection is performed by our certified inspector free of cost.

Thus we perform all the necessary inspections on your vehicle before sending it to LTA for final inspection and certification for its good condition through our factory certified inspector. He checks your vehicle thoroughly to ensure its passing in the final inspection. It reduces the chances of its re-inspection due to its failure during LTA inspection. So for these reasons you should choose us as your LTA pre-inspection workshop in Singapore.
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