Is Car Repair Services Expensive In Singapore?

It is essential for all the people of Singapore to follow all the emission standards of their vehicles. All the vehicles plying on the road should be in a very good condition as per the rules. It implies that people need to take the help of car repair services in the country not only for repair purposes but also for the maintenance purposes. As it becomes a regular habit of people to visit the repair services, it is essential for them to find a good mechanic who can serve their problems. Apart from that if you visit to a shop on regular basis, you are going to be charged less. In another scenario, if you are the owner of a new car and you have very minimum problems with your car, you need to be aware of the some of the facts related to car maintenance, repair and cost. This article is going to tell you whether car repair services in Singapore are expensive or not.


Signs which show you that you are legitimately charged

* Receipts for every repair

When you go to a reputed repair shop, you get the receipts for every repair job done. Most of the people think this is not important. But it is always important as it will help you get in with your estimates. You can always preserve these receipts to know about whether you had repaired your car in the past or not. When you keep all the receipts of repairs of your car, these are going to fetch you a very high price during resell. On the other hand, people who don’t keep those receipts can’t show that they have done repairs. They can’t get the desired price they want for their car. If you compare the illegitimate ones with the reputed service providers, you will find that ones who charge you more without giving you receipts are the bad ones. You will never be satisfied with the way they work.

* Listings of all types of repairs with price beside

When repair shops list out all the services along with the prices in open, you can somehow be sure about being charged rationally. There are some unscrupulous service providers who charge you heavy price without listing the price chart outside. You need to be careful about these repairing shops. The best practice is to avoid the service providers even with a little sign of mistrust.

Are always the repairs expensive?

Certainly not when you downplay the need of repair with proper maintenance
If you are aware of the cost of the different parts of your car, then you need to careful about different parts. You need to get the different parts of your car serviced on a regular basis to avoid repair completely.

* Tyre

Most of the people ignore the fact that tyre is a part of the car which wears out faster than any other part. It is better to replace the tyres in every two to three years. You can also do the same on kilometer basis. After travelling 50,000 kilometers you can change those.


* Battery
Every battery has a certain lifetime. Constant charging and recharging make those demand repairs. To avoid repair, you can regularly keep checking the batteries of your car so that you can mend these in time.

* Brake components

Not only break but also there are various components of the brake which you need to check regularly. When there is break failure in your vehicle, you may have to spend a lot of money. Before that happens, you need to be careful while checking the parts of your break regularly.

* Leakage in air conditioning

Most of the people don’t pay heed to the reduced efficiency of their air conditioners. As soon as your air conditioners start to function irregularly, you should start maintaining them regularly. You can also do the same before you air conditioner shows anomalies. Otherwise, you will have to encounter the leakage stage when you are going to spend a lot of money on repairs.

* Wipers

You generally use the wipers during rain and for cleaning the windshield. Wiper has a rubber which rubs against the surface of the windshield. The rubber piece wears out with continuous rubbing. You need to be very careful about maintenance of the wipers when they start to show reduced efficiency.
You need to check them in every six to twelve months.

* Wheel position

After running for around six months the wheels of your car get misaligned. If you don’t repair them after certain period of time, the axle of the wheel is going to get impacted.

Car Repair

* lighting system

Lighting system of your car is pretty essential as you never know when you have to go outside during night time. A defunct bulb in your lighting system can put you in trouble. You should check the functioning of all the bulbs before you get out of your home with your car.

* Clutches

Clutches are very important in terms of facilitating transmission of gear. Apart from that, well working clutches can help you save a lot of money on fuel.

* Ignition system

You should regularly check you ignition system as you need to follow the emission standard in the country. If your ignition system leaves a huge amount of pollutants, then you are going to be in trouble.

Labour cost

The labour cost of the repair is charged in two ways. Most of the reputed companies provide packages which include the labour cost. There are also some other companies which charge the labour fees separately. If you have the receipt of all the costs, then you don’t need to be worried about being overcharged.

You need not have to be worried about being overcharged when you go to a reputed repair service
All the above mentioned facts are valid when you consider the reputed car repair services in Singapore. You can get all the services mentioned above with proper prices. You should acquire knowledge to verify who is charging you more and who is charging your fair price. Go through the whole article to decide which is expensive and which is not.
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