Tips on Buying a Car in Singapore

No matter what kind of car you are going to buy, getting all the best car buying tips before you go shopping can make a big difference in the price, the time it takes to find the right car in Singapore, and the time it takes to negotiate the deal that works for your budget. If you are starting your search and are looking for the most important car buying tips, start here with a few key strategies that will help make your car buying experience smoother and more satisfying.

Buying New Car

You must first decide the budget for your car. Will you be going for monthly installments or paying the amount upfront? Will you be applying for a loan? Once you are clear about these aspects, you can start shortlisting the different models that come within your budget.

Once you have shortlisted the cars, decide the model you are looking for and visit the dealership to check the model. Ask about the engine and the mileage. Reading reviews on car buying blogs and comparing the different features can help you to know about the actual performance of cars.

Make sure to inspect the cars before making your mind. The different aspects that you must look into while buying cars are as follows:

• Check the exteriors. Cars must have a constant paint finish and there should not be any dent or scratches.

• Check gaps between the panels and see to it if they are of the same breadth. This is particularly essential when you are buying a used car. If you find gaps in the panel, then chances are high that the car has met with accidents in the past.

• Open and close the car doors and press down the car from the different four corners. Cars which are in good condition will come back to the normal height easily.

• You must check Vehicle Identification Number or the VIN. If you are buying a used car, get history records of oil changes, reports of routine maintenance, transmission service etc. Inspect the oil used and the engine. The color of oil used must be golden and free from debris or dirt.

Buying New Car

• Coolant's fluid levels must also be inspected.

• Car's odometer and the mileage must be crosschecked. Documents of the car can be referred to for accuracy.

• Indicators, headlights, wipers, dashboard, AC, breaks, gears, seat adjuster, and electric windows must be checked properly.

• For assurance, you must check the servicing stamps, MOT certificate, driving history and the logbook.

• You must not buy a car without opting for a test drive. A test drive will let you know if there are too many vibrations or shakes in the car. A full check of the different features and working parts will help you know if the car is in a sound condition.

If you have decided to take loans, make sure to get quotes from 3-4 finance companies. You can look for quotes online as well. This way you can know about the upfront down payment amount that you will have to pay.

If you know you do not need to buy a car, you will not buy the wrong car at the wrong price. When you are talking to a dealer or a private seller, the pressure is always about buying now and buying fast. But if you do not need a car, you can take a step back and think about how important it is for you to get the right price, find a real deal and not just the price they want you to pay, and you know you can just walk away if things do not sound right.

Dealers will always try to tack on extras that cost much more than they would if you bought them elsewhere, or are unnecessary. In the business, such items are called things like "Mop and slop." They will try to tell you how much you save because of your trade-in, but then the price of the car you are buying will be higher than it should be. They will convince you that financing is affordable. If you know your own budget beforehand, refuse to talk about a trade-in value before the price of the car is settled, and be prepared to walk away if strange items seem to be added to the price, you will not be swindled. The most important car buying tips are about your ability to say no and walk out the door.

Buying New Car

How to buy a car through a fleet sale:

In case you are going to buy a new car then it is always a wise decision to buy it from the fleet sale. There are few steps that can help you in this matter and they are:

Knowing what exactly you want -
Always writes the specification and always try the car you want. It is better to know the prices that are available for you.

Prepare financing for your car -
In case you are buying the car on loan visit the bank to learn what are the general rates that are available. You can take the help of a car finance calculator at this stage. Try to have a lower interest rate loan.

Shop around -
Contact as many as dealers as you can easily until you get exactly what you want. Specify what exactly you are looking for.

Negotiate -
It is something that is not always needed while buying a car from car sales or any car buying service, so it is better to not to negotiate much.

Brand selection -
Generally, something that can help you in brand selection is the reviews of the people towards that brand and the testimonials of the people as well. They don't just make it easier for you to go for a particular brand but also makes you familiar with some of the important aspects of the brands.

Keeping in mind these tips while buying cars will help you make an informed decision and you can also enjoy hassle-free long Singapore drives with your loved ones.
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