Car Scratches & Dents Re-spray Services in Singapore

Sometimes you wonder why there are some sick people out there who would hold something sharp and scratched it across your car. Are they jealous of your new car? Or are they angry that you have parked the spot that they have eyed earlier? Or did your car block their way?

There are times when you lent your car to new drivers e.g. your children and you find dents at various corners of your car due to poor parking skills or reckless driving. Or you could have parked your car in a secluded spot somewhere one day and when you looked at your car the next morning, you found a dent at the front of your car and the car plate hanging precariously. Obviously, someone drove off in the night after knocking your car! In all these instances, you are thankful that no one is injured but you are angry that you can’t find the culprits. The thought of driving an unsightly car around through no fault of your own made you really mad! The further thought of having to spend money for your car makes you fume even more!

If the car scratch is small and not deep i.e. very mild, you may just want to ignore it if it is not too obvious and does not bother you or you could just cover up the minor scratch with some wax-like substances available in the market. Similarly, if the dent is small with no paint being scrapped off, then there are service companies which could repair the small dent without affecting the paint work and without the need for re-spraying. However, if the scratch and dent are deep, with paint chipped off, then there is a high risk of your car getting rusty in time to come. In this case, not only do you need an expert to undo the dent, the car will need to be re-sprayed immediately. You can visit the authorized dealer of specific brands of car, for example, one from whom you purchased the car to do the necessary works.

Or you can look for car servicing companies that can repair and re-spray various brands and models of cars. Or you may seek out cheaper alternatives of free-lance car repair man but you would have to be very certain of his skills and integrity before you subject your precious car to his disposal. So it is always wise to look for reliable car servicing companies to help you do the magic on your car. Consider only those that have long enough experience in doing repairs and re-spray work, experience in handling the type of car you are driving, recommended by friends, colleagues and with favourable customers’ reviews etc. and preferably one which will provide warranty for work done.

While everyone wishes to have pristine car at all times, the inevitable does happen and knowing that you can find a service company that can turn your precious car that has been badly scratched and dented to look almost like new is priceless. With makeover quickly and effectively done, there will be no more prying eyes and gossiping about the state of your car should something unfortunate happen to your car.

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