Car Re-spray Service in Singapore

Looking for a reliable car respray company? A car is one of the most expensive big-ticket items you are likely to buy in your life, other than your house. Many people are familiar with regular car servicing every time your trip odometer reaches a certain mileage, but few people are concerned about the exterior of the car, beyond going for car-washes.

Most would only consider re-spraying their car after an accident which is serious enough for them to consider a new coat of paint. However, that is not the only reason why car owners in Singapore re-spray their cars. Scratches and dents from attempting to park in small car park spaces, manoeuvring past other cars, pillars and obstructions, or paint flaking off your car are forms of wear and tear which can leave your car looking worn after a few years. Re-spraying your car can give it a new lease of life, similar to how you send your car for servicing every few months. Perhaps your car is rather old, maybe five years old, but the current COE price may be too high for you to consider changing cars. A re-spraying will give your car a new look at a fraction of the price. Another possibility is that you bought a second-hand car in a colour which you do not like very much and wish to change it. Sometimes cars in less popular colours are sold for less, and you may want to take advantage of a bargain like this. The problem can be solved easily by re-spraying your car.

Before you send your car for re-spraying, you should have a thorough understanding of what it entails and how much it will cost. If you are re-spraying your car because of damage sustained in an accident, check with your insurer if they will cover the cost under repairs. Re-spraying can be expensive, so you should check if you can claim the amount.

Always find a professional workshop. It may be more expensive but the results will be worth it, considering that your car is worth thousands of dollars, you should leave it in good hands. Consider if you want to go back to your car dealer or to another car repair workshop. One is not necessarily better than the other, though the price differs. Choose a workshop you are comfortable with. A cheap paint job may not be ideal as it will not last, and you will have to spend even more money repairing the damage done. It is better to get a trustable workshop to work on your car from the beginning.

The workshop should use quality materials like spray guns, nozzles and paint from a reputable brand. They should wash the car thoroughly before the spray painting and use masking tape to cover parts of the car which should not be painted, such as the windscreen and tyres. Some will even remove all parts that can be unscrewed, like bumpers and door handles to avoid getting paint where it is not supposed to be.
The car should be sprayed in a high-temperature environment, like an oven, so that the paint will dry and last. You do not want the newly applied layer of paint to wash off in the rain. The car should not be re-sprayed in the open as dust can land on the wet paint and ruin it.

A good workshop will also polish your car after it is spray-painted and dried to give it a shine. You may have to leave your car at the workshop for up to a week to ensure all the paint dries well, so remember to make arrangements for alternative transport, like a rental car. Also, feel free to ask the staff about the amount of experience they have in spray-painting, and if they have photos of past works. You can also go online to see customer testimonials or forums where a workshop is mentioned before you decide.

Price-wise, it really depends on the type of work you require. It could range from $1000 to $3000 or more, depending on the quality of service you choose to go for. Spraying the entire car will obviously be more expensive than just spraying one scratched door. A re-spray for a larger car will also cost more than for a smaller car. Re-spraying a car the same colour will be cheaper than changing the colour of the car. How much effort is required, like whether the detachable parts are removed before spraying will also contribute to the price. There is no hard-and-fast rule to pricing, as each case is unique, so you should discuss this with the workshop and agree on a price you are willing to pay.

If you go to a reputable car workshop for a re-spray, the results should leave you satisfied and your car will look good as new again.

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