How To Reduce The Visibility Of Car Dents

In the event that you get into an accident or bump into the gate as you’re parking your car and get a dent, there are way that you can use to make the dent less visible. This is important because it takes time and money to get rid of a dent on a car and you might either not have the money or may need to be mobile over the next couple of days. These techniques will help you make the dent less visible and hence allow you to criss cross around without any problems or concerns.

Car Dents

Using a plunger

The first tool that you can use which is more than likely available in your home is a plunger. If it you don’t have one you can buy one from a shopping center.

• Line the tips of the plunger with a petroleum jelly to ensure that there is no air that is lost.

• Place the plunger directly over the area that has the dent. Ideally the dent should be at the center of the plunger.

• Start by pulling the plunger towards the car then towards you in a slow motion so that you’re able to create proper grip.

• After doing this several times, you can then retract the plunger in one swift and quick move to get it off the car. The pressure created will pull the dented part to be in the same line with the rest of the body of the car. This might not do enough to help you escape a visit to the mechanics but it will do enough to greatly reduce the visibility of the dent.

Car Dents

Using a dent pulling plunger

You can also use a tool that is meant specifically to realign dents, however, the downside with this is that it is only advisable if the dent is of considerable size. This is because before you’re able to reduce the visibility of the dent you have to make it worse.

• Start off by drilling a hole at the center of the dent. The hole is relatively small but it is not something that most car owners would settle for even though it does produce the results.

• After you have drilled the small hole, insert the dent pulling plunger.

• Pull towards yourself and make sure that you keep a steady pull on the tool to get the possible results. In the event that you’re not happy with the results, you can insert it again. Avoid moving the plunger around so that the hole does not enlarge.

• After you’re pleased with the results, you can then use a body filler to cover up the hole that you had drilled.

Car Dents

Using a hammer

A hammer does not sound like the best idea when it comes to reducing the visibility of your car’s dents but if you know how to use one and have the right one then it can be very important and it is able to offer some very good results.

• For this you will need a rubber hammer or a metal working hammer. This so that you don’t create other dents while in the process. If you don’t have either of this, you can use a normal house hold hammer by wrapping it in a cloth that is dampened with cold water to help prevent making further dents.

• Take the hammer with you and crawl under the car and start hitting at the dent in the opposite direction. Make sure that you do this light so that the dent does not protrude on the other side. After every few hits make sure you check to assess how the dent is looking.

• After you’re satisfied with the result you can now take off. The only set back with this option is that it is only effective in those areas that are easily accessible like the back of the car. However, if you know how to remove the interior panels, it can be applied to a lot of parts of the car and it is also very effective if used in the right way.

Before you can soak up enough money to allow you to finally take the car to the garage, you don’t have to move around with a car that is dented, you can reduce the visibility of the dents with any of these techniques. It may also help you to get a lower quite from the mechanic since it will look less serious.
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