What To Do When Car Aircon Break Down?

Apart from taking you to work and back at home a car will also have some features that will make it more comfortable while riding. A car will have several features and parts to make the unit more comfortable and provide you with the best environment. One of the main components that any modern car will have is an air conditioner. This special system will help in controlling the temperatures in your car. That is cooling when it is very hot or heating when it is cold.

Car Aircon

Unfortunately, like any other part, a car aircon will also experience wear and tear making it break and stop working. A faulty aircon will blow out hot air or stop blowing at all. When you encounter this, you should check your air conditioner immediately. You will be able to repair some minor damages such as low refrigerant, faulty compressor wiring or refrigerant leakage on your own. However, in case of more complicated situations such as the complete change of an air conditioner, you will need to get the help of a professional car servicing company. So what do you do when your car aircon break down?

1. Check aircon compressor wiring

Many of the car aircon compressors will be connected to the electric clutch using a wire. This is the first thing that you should check when your air conditioner stops functioning or blows out hot air. There is a connector at the middle of the wire that joins the clutch and the compressor. To check if there is power in the cable you will have to disconnect the wire at the connector and lengthen the wire to the positive terminal of your car battery. If the electric clutch is functioning well, you should hear a clacking sound. If you don’t hear this loud clack, then your clutch will need to be repaired. Replacing electric clutch will require specialized tools and an experienced expert. If you are not sure about the task then contacting an expert will be a good idea.

2. Check refrigerant

If the electric clutch is functioning well and the compressor wiring is good with power, then it means the problem may be within the compressor itself. Many factors may cause your compressor to stop functioning or blow out that hot air. One of these factors that may make your car aircon to produce hot air is low refrigerant levels. Make sure to check the refrigerant levels and if low add it to the required level. This is a simple task that you can do on your own with some guidelines. Here is a guide to adding refrigerant.

Get the right refrigerant – To make sure your car aircon performs well you will need to choose the right coolant. The main thing to consider when buying refrigerant is the year your car was manufactured. If your vehicle was built before 1995 will use R12, and if it was built after 1995, it would use R13a.

Car Aircon

Locate the recharging pot – Locating a recharge pot shouldn’t be a hard thing. The pot is located on the bottom of the engine, follow the lines from the air conditioner compressor to find the nozzle. If you don’t see the nozzle use your vehicle’s manual to help you locate it.

Clean the recharge pot – After locating the pot, the next thing is to clean it. Start by cleaning the cap first and then remove it to clean the pan itself. This will protect clogging the recharge pot with debris. Using brake cleaner can be a good idea as it will make the process very simple.

Connect the charging pipe - After identifying and cleaning the recharge pot, you will connect the hose to the pot and the other end to the can containing refrigerant. Some cans will come with the gauge, and the gauge will be connected between the can and the hose. You don’t need to worry about the pipe as it will come together with the can.

Use pressure chart to measure pressure - To know when the system is full you must use a gauge to measure. Check the gauge throughout the recharging process so that when the system is full, you will know immediately. Another thing you need to consider during the process is the ambient temperature.

3. Repair the leaks

After refilling refrigerant, you need to make sure there are no leakages so that it can last for a long time without the need to refill it again. Identifying all the leakages will be a simple task when equipped with the right tools. There are leak detection kits that will help you to identify any leak in your air conditioning system. With these kit, you will be able to locate all the leaks using naked eyes, and you will not need any specialized equipment for the task. The kits will have a dye that you will spray to the system to identify the leaks. In case you notice any leaks you will have to consult a professional mechanic to help you.

Car Aircon

4. Consult an expert

If your air conditioner compressor has enough refrigerant and the electric clutch wiring is in excellent condition, but your unit is not functioning well still then you need to consult an expert. Some damages will be very intense, and they will need someone with the right tools and enough experience. If your compressor requires more than adding refrigerant, it will need the intervention of a professional mechanic. Trying this task on your own may lead to the complete damage of the system or even injuring your self. Make sure you don’t try something that you can't handle on your own. A professional mechanic will be able to diagnose the problem in your car air conditioner and fix it. A professional has got the required skills, experience and tools to deal with any condition in your unit.


Car aircon breakdown is a widespread issue among car owners. In case you notice any problem with your car aircon you should take the necessary steps immediately. This will prevent father damages and save your pocket at the end. If you can't handle any problem in your car aircon, don’t give it a try. Contact someone with skills and the right equipment.
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